Hotmail Inbox Features compares with Outlook mail

Those who have been faithful users of Hotmail might still be using their account today and thanks to the new integrated Outlook platform, there are many new features and amenities that they can enjoy while still holding onto their old account. Microsoft had acquired Hotmail in the early days of the service and even though Hotmail often floundered in terms of security and spam aspects, today it still continues strong
and there are hundreds and millions of subscribers who are benefiting from the updated features that Microsoft provides them.

Access to Hotmail account

For those who wish to access their Hotmail account they can do so in the following way:hotmail compares outlook 2016

  • Whether one type in Hotmail, Live or Outlook, they will be redirected to the same domain of Outlook: wherein lies the access to all email user accounts under the Microsoft platform.
  • The Hotmail users can sign in by keying in their full email address in the username field and the password in the subsequent field.
  • There are ways of using the single user code in case one has forgotten their password and wish to retrieve the same. If one has a registered phone number in their account, they can use the single user code that explain in this review to gain access to their account and update the security features.

Inbox features

Once the login is completed, one is led to the new inbox which has several new features on offer:

  • The look and feel of the Hotmail inbox can be changed and arranged as one wishes to.
  • There are several useful tools provided like Sweep and Filter which will help one to move or organize their mails, remove spam and keep their inbox tidy and organized.
  • The sync of social media accounts like Facebook and others through the email account is a handy feature which allows one to easily access their social media accounts through the email inbox.

Additional updates

There are several additional facilities that have been provided to Hotmail users. As Outlook has been launched as the new web based email service of Microsoft, the other services of Microsoft has been aligned to the user accounts. Those who hold Hotmail accounts are not segregated and they can use the same services and features through their Hotmail ID.

  • One can use the same login details to access Xbox membership accounts and subscription plans.
  • OneDrive is integrated with the email accounts, allowing all email users on the Microsoft platform to access additional storage on this cloud service.
  • Skype can be accessed with the same ID and an account can be easily set up on this video and audio internet call service.

These are some of the common Hotmail features and benefits that are provided to all Outlook users as of now. With all the changes and advancements that Microsoft launches, all Hotmail users will benefit from them as being part of the Microsoft family. With these upgrades and amenities Hotmail users have more perks and benefits to look forward to today and they can even get an alias Outlook email address with the same email account.

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