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Creating Hotmail account

In order to log in to Hotmail, you must first create a Microsoft account. If you are thinking as to how to create a Hotmail account, then you just need to see the instructions below.

The following are the steps you need to follow to easily create a Hotmail account.

  • Visit the Microsoft sign in page using your web browser.
  • As you are looking to create an account, look for the ‘sign up now’ option on the bottom half of the Microsoft sign in page and click on it.
  • You will be directed to the Microsoft create an account page.
  • Here, you need to fist key in your first name, followed by your desired username and the password that you would like to use for the account. Also, reenter the password once more.
  • Next, you need to fill in a few personal particulars as asked for in the appropriate boxes.
  • Make sure you enter your alternate email address and your phone number correctly so that you get your password delivered in them if you loose it.
  • Finally, enter the security code provided at the bottom to show that you are a human looking to open a Microsoft account.
  • Then click on ‘create account’ to complete signing up for Microsoft.


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Hotmail Inbox Features compares with Outlook mail

Those who have been faithful users of Hotmail might still be using their account today and thanks to the new integrated Outlook platform, there are many new features and amenities that they can enjoy while still holding onto their old account. Microsoft had acquired Hotmail in the early days of the service and even though Hotmail often floundered in terms of security and spam aspects, today it still continues strong
and there are hundreds and millions of subscribers who are benefiting from the updated features that Microsoft provides them.

Access to Hotmail account

For those who wish to access their Hotmail account they can do so in the following way:hotmail compares outlook 2016

  • Whether one type in Hotmail, Live or Outlook, they will be redirected to the same domain of Outlook: wherein lies the access to all email user accounts under the Microsoft platform.
  • The Hotmail users can sign in by keying in their full email address in the username field and the password in the subsequent field.
  • There are ways of using the single user code in case one has forgotten their password and wish to retrieve the same. If one has a registered phone number in their account, they can use the single user code that explain in this review to gain access to their account and update the security features.

Inbox features

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Hotmail Features vs Outlook

Those who are looking around to create a Hotmail account will simply have to visit the Outlook domain. This is the unified platform of Microsoft, which houses all the email services of Microsoft. This company bought off in the early days when it was the pioneer web based email service. Today the same service has been moved through several domains, and finally unified with Outlook in a single platform.

hotmail vs outlook

How to create a new account

The steps to create a new account remain as the following:

  • The choice of a username is the first field to be selected. Though one can opt for a Hotmail account that will serve as an alias as the real domain will remain in Outlook.
  • The next step is the choice of a strong password that needs to be a combination of alphanumeric characters. The password has to be approved by the system as well as easily remembered by you.
  • The other details that need to be furnished are standard details like location, gender, address and certain security details to use for the two step verification process.
  • Once the terms and conditions are agreed upon and the captcha code is entered, your account will be successfully created.

New Hotmail account features

Creating a new account in Outlook can provide certain advantages:

  • Along with Outlook as the new web based email service of Microsoft, all existing Hotmail users can also avail of the new features, amenities and links that Microsoft offers on this platform.
  • Security features have been enhanced.
  • A single Hotmail account is synonymous to being a Microsoft account that will provide one access to several new services and apps.
  • Changed look of the mail arrangement and ease of grouping mails or adding folders and categories.
  • Sync with social media accounts is possible.
  • One can avail of extra storage facility on OneDrive.

These are some of the unique benefits of a new account on the Microsoft interface.

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